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  Virtual Law Office 


Now all Ohioans can create and access their confidential legal documents through a secure, encrypted client portal. The account is available 24/7 for your convenience. With Annie's guidance, you can rest assured that your legal and business affairs are finally in order.


Use the Contact Form to set up a free introductory meeting to determine how she can help. No confidential information, please!


If you choose to work together, Annie will send you simple to follow instructions and explanations every step of the way so you fully understand both the process and the documents.     

In order to complete your estate plan, you will be asked to answer and submit a brief questionnaire so begin gathering important data about family members' legal names, contact information, and birthdates. 


Annie will prepare your documents and upload them to your account for review.


After you approve your documents, print them out and follow the detailed instructions on proper signatures for you, your witnesses and a Notary Public.


It's so easy, you'll wonder why you waited!   


What do I need to use a virtual law office?


Internet access, telephone, credit card, printer, paper. If you have documents to share with me, you will need a scanner to upload to your account.


If you are old school and want to use regular mail to exchange documents and pay by check, we can do that, too. 


Just how much is this gonna cost, you ask?


Flat fee documents. No hidden fees. Everything up front, honest and open. What?


See the price list.


Learn more about my satisfaction guarantee.

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