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This is such an exciting time to be a small town lawyer. High speed internet is finally allowing folks living in rural areas to access professional legal services from the comfort of their homes.  And finally allowing me to practice law in my own hometown.


As a little girl growing up in a sleepy village in Ohio's Miami River Valley, I listened to my father's stories about the greatness of Abraham Lincoln and dreamed of becoming a lawyer. My dad said country lawyers were heroes who saved the farm, helped widows and orphans, and served our nation with justice and liberty for all. Who doesn't want to be that guy?


The thing is I'm not a guy. I'm a lady, and soon after graduating from law school, I put a full time  job on hold to raise my family. My husband's career has taken us all over the U.S.: Cleveland, New Jersey, southern California, back to Ohio, and now we live in the Rocky Mountains outside Denver. I guess you could say my professional life took the scenic route.


At long last, there is a way for me to offer friendly, caring legal services to my neighbors far and wide. No matter where I am, we can always meet at your kitchen table.


Let me know how I can help.

Thank you for being here

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